lørdag, maj 30, 2020

To Do's

I'm working on UFO's and my To Do list. It's a shortcut to feeling good actually. Logic being:it doesn't take as long to finished a 2/3 done project as it does to start a new. Lolz

So I have made labels for all the quilts I've made this year. My BowTie serie are completed..... unless I come up with yet a nother way to deconstruct the BowTie block.

BowTie I, 2020
BowTie II, 2020
BowTie III, 2020

They're all hand sewn (English paper piecing technique) and hand quilted. I like the English paper technique because it makes it possible to have full control over the design before I start sewing.the patches together.
When I sew "the american way" like I did the CouchPeanut quilt, I often pin at least a portion of it at my design wall with the seam allowance hidden. It is surprising how much difference that little seam makes, especially if the block design has tips that are supposed to meet accurately like the star tips in the eight pointed star block.

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