torsdag, maj 27, 2004

Strategies for Building Blended Learning: "Strategies for Building Blended Learning
By Allison Rossett, Felicia Douglis, and Rebecca V. Frazee
At a recent conference, a practitioner was overheard saying, "I can see why blending makes sense. But what do I put with what? We have a hundred instructors and e-learning modules. If I put them together, is that a blend? What is a blend and how do I make it work in an organization that prefers a quick fix?" Those questions and more are tackled here."

onsdag, maj 19, 2004

plog: wireless blogging for Palm OS: "plog a tool I built to allow wireless Palm OS devices (like the VII, the new i705, or any Palm with a modem or other internet connection) to update any weblog that supports the Blogger API. (This includes any Blogger-maintained weblog, on any server, as well as Manila/Radio weblogs.) "
The Virtues of Chitchat - Making I.T. Work - CIO Magazine May 15,2004: "The Virtues of Chitchat
A modest proposal for using blogs to keep IT teams and management up-to-date on implementation."

fredag, maj 14, 2004

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