mandag, november 29, 2004 Big-Time Blogging
Blogs and content aggregators are lead players in a new generation of tools that promise greater ability to create, distribute, and access Web content. The two also happen to have a symbiotic relationship: Blogs make content creation more accessible, and aggregators give greater control to readers of the ongoing proliferation of Web-based content. These tools are gaining attention in the media and the marketplace and hold great promise to transform the way the Web works. They are also starting to make inroads within corporations as collaborative and content management tools that can be used in conjunction with existing systems or as replacements.
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mandag, november 15, 2004

Microsofts projekt Wallop:
Social Computing Group Home: "Overview
Our mission in the Social Computing Group is to research and develop software that contributes to compelling and effective social interactions, with a focus on user-centered design processes and rapid prototyping.
Our work includes the Sapphire project, sharing, mobile applications, trust and reputation, collaboration, and story telling. To facilitate the rapid prototyping, we also have an online lab for running studies to evaluate our social user interfaces. "

fredag, november 12, 2004

Blogs (or Jurnal Writing
WritingBlogs is intended to be a creative community for students in college-level writing classes and writing instructors - materiale til de studerende om Blogs/logbøger.
Wired News: Bloggers Suffer Burnout: "In the days following the U.S. invasion of Iraq last year, a new blog called Whiskey Bar quickly became a popular online destination for opponents of the war. The site's author, who ran the site as a virtual bar with himself as the bartender, encouraged visitors to share their views on the topic at hand. "