tirsdag, april 28, 2020

My ironing board

When posting about my quilt being posted, I posted a picture of the package placed on my ironing board.

Baby’s in the box

It's heavy, not adjustable (height), rather wobbly and has it's very own special sound when used. But it's a very special to me. I belonged to my late mother and I remember it's sound from my early childhood. I know I could have a far better lightweight, adjustable and wider one, but I can't bear to replace it. This summer, I stripped it from all the strange layers of old towels that had been covering it and making it "soft" under the final metallic cover.

Naked  ironing board

I'm sure it's made by a woodworker in the town, where my mother lived when she married. It's clearly handmade. I know my attachment to it is sentimental and in now way rational, but I find i so beautiful. I even considered to keep it naked as decoration, but decided against it and dressed it up again and am using it for it's original purpose.
....... someone seems to have forgotten an iron on it. Auch!

torsdag, april 16, 2020

Cool PostNord tracking!

PostNord tracking

I usually swear at the slow speed when waiting for a letter to arrive, but a recommended packet has definitely a quite different speed. The quilt to be delivered within 24 hours!! What a pleasant surprise that it didn't have to lie folded within a box for long!
And cool to have the tracking app. Love it.

onsdag, april 15, 2020

Off to quilting

Ready to be sent to longarm quilting

The quilt is ready for quilting. As I mentioned before, I decided to send it out to a longarm quilter to have it quilted. Quilting is a slow process done by hand and the size of the quilt would mean that I had to quilt for months. Honestly. I don't like quilting that much! So the decision to send it out for quilting was easy. It's in safe hands at Brenda Sanders who's a very talented and skilled longarm quilter.

Baby’s in the box

here we go....... looking forward to see you again baby.

mandag, april 13, 2020

What did you learn i school today...?

Untitled Untitled

I learned that it's better to cut the tips of the triangles as you go than cutting all of the at the end!!
Hmm.... don't feel like just throwing the cuttings out, must be possible to use them for something....?