fredag, februar 27, 2004

(Definition: pure luck in discovering things you were not looking for)

På jagt efter noget andet, fandt jeg Blog sangen. Jeg havde hørt om den og været på jagt efter den længe, men her er den så, på Fairvue - både lydfil og tekst.

tirsdag, februar 24, 2004

Read Darwin -Are You Ready for Social Software? - WHAT'S NEW - Magazine - Darwin Magazine: "Social Software: Bottom-up
Social software is likely to come to mean the opposite of what groupware and other project- or organization-oriented collaboration tools were intended to be. Social software is based on supporting the desire of individuals to affiliate, their desire to be pulled into groups to achieve their personal goals. Contrast that with the groupware approach to things where people are placed into groups defined organizationally or functionally. "