lørdag, marts 28, 2020

Necessity is the mother of invention

I've got a bias strip folder, but it was too big for this job, so I had to come up with a fast solution :)

Bias Strip folding

But I think I'll buy an 18 mm folder next time I shop.........

søndag, marts 22, 2020

The sun's shining today

Yay!! Not only had Gitte Andreassen from Gittea Patchkwork just enough of the fabric I wanted for the background, I just received a mail from Brenda Sanders, who my quilting friends tells me is a brilliant "longarm'er". I was afraid she was so busy that she didn't have time for more customers, but I got a positive answer from her. I feel sooo lucky. Unfortunately I can't meet with her at her studio, but I'm sure, we'll find a way to communicate. I feel pretty safe in her hands.

I also got an advice from Lisbeth Borggreen today on the border. She suggested, that I not only added a narrow reddish brown border after the row of beige squares as I planned, but also before the beige squares. I think it's a really good suggestion, that will add the classic look to the quilt, that my daughter wished for, when I began to plan the quilt.

Now I'm only waiting for the mailman to bring the fabric. Luckily I have other project on my design wall :)

torsdag, marts 19, 2020

CouchPeanut top

The top is almost finished now. I only need to add the border of small squares the size of the 4 corner squares in the block. The 2 borders on the illustration only placed beside the top, not yet stitched. They will be more narrow when stitched (because of the seam allowance). NB. The blue is a sheet that holds the styrofoam plates that make up my temporary "design-wall" together. It's not part of the quilt.

CouchPeanut top

My daughter (aka CouchPeanut) and I discussed the border: should it be just a narrow binding or should there be a row of small squares the size of the squares in the block before a narrow binding of a darker color?

We would have skipped the border if the half blocks along the edges had been from one fabric, but since they are half stars we feel a border will be best. So now that's all I need to do to finish the top. Piece of cake. Will do tomorrow.

We also decided which fabric - chosen among the scraps - should be used as background and I've emailed a photo of it to Gitte Andreasen (Gittea Patchwork) where I bought the fat quarter of it, that was used in some stars at the top. I hope she can identify it from the photo and that she has more of it!! Unfortunately Gitte has moved her nearby shop in Rødekro to Odense. But anyway - in these corona times, the best is online ordering, I guess.

I also have to contact a longarm quilter. Good friends have recommended a highly skilled "longarmer", Brenda Sanders. I hope she has time for more customers. Because she is so accomplished, the demand for her work is high. I really hope to squeeze in.
I read about her in Kludemagasinet some time ago and I have followed her on social media's: her blog, Instagram and Flickr, but the recommendation from my friends made me sure, my baby will be in safe hands with her.

2 hope. Let's see if luck is on my side.....

søndag, marts 01, 2020

Think about the quilting

While producing the 85 block, 24 half blocks and 4 corner blocks

All full blocks and borders ready. Obly half blocks needs to be done.

 I've begun to think about the quilting. Should I send it to a long arm quilter to have her do it? Or do it myself on machine, which I have absolutely no practice doing or shall I hand quilt it, which will take eternity? And shall the quilting be one big design or repeated block designs?